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Virtual Testing Center of Excellence


Conchtech’s Virtual Testing Center of Excellence (vTCOE) excels at standardizing your organization’s testing operations with an industry-leading solution of best practices, process overhauls and scalable support for your every testing need. Our Testing Center of Excellence model is a collection of specialized resources and expertise that empowers clients with the ability to expand company testing resources throughout the Software Testing Life Cycle without compromising on product quality, revenue or delivery time.

Testing Center of Excellence talent pool specialized in a multitude of industry requirements.

Quality Assurance Testing of Excellence model ensures a high standard of product quality is consistently met.

Automation Testing Center of Excellence guarantees rapid and reactive Performance Testing, Service Testing and ALM from concept to creation.

With our vTCOE solution, testing teams have the flexibility to ramp up or ramp down resources on demand, whether due to project timelines or budgetary concerns. A vTCOE member can work alongside the onsite project team or become a virtual extension to the existing team. The aim of Fenixal’s vTCoE is to provide clients with on-demand access to our available in-house capabilities and knowledge, and enhance services with additional personnel training, development and expertise whenever necessary.

Key Benefits

Consumption-Based Model

Conchtech’s consumption based model offers unparalleled support and training on demand, from quick effective tweaks to existing processes to a standardized overhaul of product practices.

Unparalleled Expertise

With experts qualified in a broad range of testing fields, including performance and quality testing, Conchtech can offer efficient best practices for any stage of your products’ development lifecycle.

Cost Efficiency

Invigorate the cost effectiveness of your business with a proven, standardized model of testing excellence. Quicken every aspect of the testing life cycle while improving product quality, time to market and revenue.