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Testing Automation


With constantly evolving business practices and environments, test processes often present a number of challenges, such as employing the best testers, properly implementing test methodologies and choosing the correct tools. In a fast-paced world of multiple releases a day, automating testing has become a necessity. Manual test processes can no longer deliver the repeatable, accurate and fast results required to successfully meet QA goals. This is where Conchtech’s automation testing – featuring optimized frameworks and accelerators – comes in.

Fully tailored to each client’s needs improving testing scope and minimizing effort cost.

Frameworks that simplify the testing process by implementing pre-built components on the relevant application.

Test every change. Adapting Test Automation process as part of Continuous Integration.

The characteristics of test automation allow you to run tests repeatedly without interruption and ensure that you receive reliable, accurate and quick results. Further, by utilizing automated testing software, you are provided with clear visibility into the outcomes of the test results.

Key Benefits

ROI-Focused Services

Ensure outcome-driven results that completely align with a client’s business goals and expectations. Through automation assessment, we assist in selecting the applications for automation that will result in a faster return on your investment.

Accelerated Test Efforts

Critical in reducing both cost and time to market, automated software testing provides the frameworks, methodologies and tools required for continuous execution of test scripts across a variety of projects.

End-to-End Automation

Allows testing processes to span multiple applications and systems. With a strategy for application testing that utilizes the right tools, we can help reduce time to market, boost productivity and cut down on maintenance.