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HP ALM Integration Solutions


Conchtech pioneer in the area of Application Life Cycle Management services including Implementation, Upgrade, Template Standardization and Workflow Customization. Years of experience and in-depth understanding of ALM architecture led to developing tools and process around ALM that would effectively streamline the process of ALM Implementations and ALM Upgrades to new environment.

Conchtech’s ALM core division comprises of HP Certified ALM Implementation specialists focused on constantly improving the processes and tools development around ALM application in order to help reduce the maintenance effort and improving the ROI.


ALM Workflow Customizer

Conchtech’s ALM Workflow Customizer helps the project team to rapidly develop ALM Workflow Code for teams that go through frequent process changes. It’s pre-defined Defect Transition Generator would help to generate workflow for the possible defect transition paths.It’s Project Entity Manager would help to easily manage the fields behavior and events associated with each field.


ALM Upgrade Assit

Enterprises using HP Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) often come across the challenge of upgrading huge number of projects to a new ALM environment with minimal downtime and streamlined upgrade process. It is necessary to define a process and to follow a tailored upgrade checklist in order to mitigate any risk involved during the upgrade process.


HP ALM Template Manager

Frequently, existing Quality Center projects do not match the same structural integrity as the template project. Transforming the existing project to the template project is a tedious and time consuming process. Conchtech’s HP ALM Template Manager helps to accelerate the process of converting a ALM project to comply with its template project, ensuring a smoother, more manageable experience.